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Rarionance Set To Boost Countries Economy Through Passive Income Generation.


Passive income is simply money that is created from projects in which a person does not actively participate. In most cases, everything you need to do is invest your money or Crypto digital asset in a specific Crypto money-investing strategy or program and see if it will make a profit. In some cases, the income is fixed and predictable. In others, some factors can occur beyond your control.

This sophisticated way of making money has led to boost 70% of many country’s economies since it creates the awareness of the need for every citizen to think investments. Also raises credible questions about entrepreneurship amid the high unemployment rates in countries around the world. This is turn is a substantial way employed by most countries in other to tackle the high rate of unemployment and also catalytically boost the country’s economy. Most citizens have resorted to taking critical advantage of different crypto market opportunities like opportunities trading with Rarionance Crypto Exchange.

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A typical way that many people are trying to make a return with little involvement in cryptocurrency is through e-buying and holding of Cryptocurrency assets. This means that an investor is ready to buy a digital property or crypto asset, envisioning that the price in the future would increase significantly. Such investors are ready to go the extra mile and wait as this long-term strategy may demand patience wherein the investor would keep his/her position for a period of six months to five years. This investment does not require an investor to be proactive and you only need to buy crypto assets and store them in a best-safe wallet.

With the current unemployment rate, Most citizens have resorted to buying sophisticated crypto assets with hopes that some economic factors may affect the price positively and take profits from these opportunities. This strategy (HODLing) has been in vogue for some time and it’s a lucrative way in which unemployed citizens can make a modest living over time.

Rarionance is a crypto exchange company where investors can constantly track these opportunities by reading market charts through sophisticated technical analysis in other to make proper crypto investment decisions. It’s also a crypto exchange company that has included a steady investment scheme for all investors wherein investors can readily make a 10-12% interest rate on each investment.
This means that Rarionance shares its profits with investors rationally and provides a 100% profit-oriented investment strategy suitable for all investors in the crypto space.

Another amazing fact about Rarionance is its payment method. Other crypto exchange companies may give you a 12% profit for investments within 1 year but Rarionance provides the same investment packages within days(daily), weeks(weekly), months(monthly), and yearly as the case may be. These payments are paid directly to investors’ wallets and could be a secure lucrative way to earn a living.

Every investors’ best interest is what Rarionance investment schemes are after. Give substantial value at a decent steady rate that every investor can make profits from.
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Other means investors can make money off Rarionance are

  1. Proof-of-stake (PoS) staking
  2. Lending (coming soon)
  3. Cloud mining
  4. Dividend-earning tokens
  5. Yield farming
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Why Your 401(K) IS Safe With Rarionance Exchange.

What Is a 401(k) Plan and How Does It Work? | GOBankingRates

The Crypto Market comprises a reasonable percent of the hottest topics in the world owing to the volatile upward trend over the past few years from $10,000.00 in July 2020 to over $63,000 in April 2021 and is currently at a price range of $50,000 to $60,000. This has raised questions from employees, Laborers, and retirees about the option of adding cryptocurrency investments to their pension and retirement plans ( Roth 401(k)).

What retirees can expect from their Costco job application

This is a viable option although some factors could be considered when choosing cryptocurrency as part of your 401(k) unlike some stable stock assets. Fiduciaries are advised to take an in-depth look into the type of cryptocurrency pairs and assets before including this as part of retirees’ investment plans due to how volatile the fluctuations in crypto price assets are.

124,420 Cryptocurrency Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

Rarionance however is the first-ever crypto exchange company to offer various steady investment plans that could be utilized when choosing the crypto market as part of retirees 401(k) plans with its 10% ROI on each primary investment plan. This means that no matter the fluctuations and volatility of the crypto space, you have Rarionance plans favorable with steady profit-oriented plans to bypass market fluctuations yet give an adequate return on investments.

What Is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor? | Financial Advisors | US News

Risk factor is relatively low and at a Zero point with Rarionance as profits are guaranteed regardless of market volatility, especially for investors that are looking to reduce risk to the minimal level yet making relatively high profits per day, per week, and per annum.

We can always say that choosing Rarionance in place of other volatilele stock market assets like stock, bonds, debentures, Annunity, CDs, ETF, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Index e.t.c is also a viable idea and every retiree can also consider making relatively high profits while investing with Rarionance crypto exchange company.

Most importantly, Rarionance has a friendly user interface that makes it easy for investors to choose options that are tailored towards profits and profit-oriented. Unlike every other volatile financial and tangible assets, Rarionance makes cryptocurrency investing easy and accessible to every individual at minimal cost and still promises maximum return on investments.

Avoid Crypto Market Complexities with Rarionance Exchange.

Crypto Trading 101: Best Crypto Exchanges, Signals & Sites

Over the Years, there have been different complications and difficulties faced by consumers trading cryptocurrency daily. This has led to the incessant reluctance of crypto traders to actively engage in using simple exchange companies online to execute crypto exchange transactions due to these complexities and complications.

This is a notable issue and a reasonable chunk of crypto traders have complained about this which problem is traceable to the super volatile crypto market and issues arising from how to variably track opportunities in volatile market situations.

Crypto traders face problems with the volatile market because most crypto exchange companies have failed to deliver fast currency trackers and crypto swap exchanges which is also accompanied by the high commission per swap or exchange of any crypto asset.

Introducing, Rarionance, a Digital Crypto Exchange Company that bypasses the complicated and volatile market to deliver faster and more reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, forex, futures, spot trading services which is the best out there with a commission friendly policy, faster and reliable swap policy, and also easy and quick payouts on profits realization.

Cryptocurrency Swap Not Banned in Iran, President's Legal Team Says –  Regulation Bitcoin News

It takes over a year to realize profitability from various other crypto exchange platforms, unlike Rarionance which makes it easy for consumers to take an awesome 10% return on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis depending on consumer’s preference. Profits are guaranteed and every investor reaches their crypto investment goals with Rarionance.

The only viable way to beat the crypto market volatility would be by trading with the Rarionance crypto exchange.
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Jim Jordan Says He’d Like To Meet The 29% Of Americans Who Think Biden Is ‘On The Right Track’


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said Tuesday that he’d like to meet the 29% of Americans who believe, according to a recent poll, that the United States was heading in the right direction under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

Jordan joined Fox News host Martha MacCallum to discuss the state of the economy and the dramatic inflation that is set to make upcoming Thanksgiving gatherings — and the entire holiday season — more expensive for all Americans.

MacCallum introduced Jordan just as she wrapped up an interview with a small-business owner who said that, in addition to paying the higher prices this year, he had been ordered his Thanksgiving turkeys in April to ensure that they would be available for his customers when they came in to buy their supplies.

“When you listen to this hard-working business owner, and you look at the increase in prices for Thanksgiving and all of this and what families are going through right now, what goes through your mind?” MacCallum asked Jordan.

“In Joe Biden’s America, everything costs more. You want a home, costs more. Rent an apartment, costs more. Gas in your car costs more. Thanksgiving Turkey, Christmas presents. Everything costs more,” Jordan replied, going on to say that inflation was at a 31-year high.

“The Democrats’ economic plan is the dumbest in history. Lockdown the economy. Spend like crazy. Pay people not to work. And then for everyone who is working, oh, they’re getting ready to raise your taxes,” he continued referencing an NBC poll published on October 31. “Americans get it. And that’s why 71% of the country — unfortunately it’s a tough situation — but 71% of the country understands that we’re on the wrong track. The truth is, I’d like to meet the 29% that think we’re on the right track … Everyone knows we’re not. It’s driven by the ridiculous policies of America’s left that now control the Democratic Party.”

“It’s no surprise that the president disagrees with you on that,” MacCallum commented, rolling tape of Biden’s comments on inflation and supply issues.

“So all of these concerns a few weeks ago, there wouldn’t be ample food for Thanksgiving, so many people talked about that, understandably. But families can rest easy. Grocery stores are well-stocked with everything else you need for Thanksgiving. The major retailers have confirmed that their shelves will be well-stocked in stores this holiday season,” Biden said.

“He says it’s going to be okay, Jim,” MacCallum prompted.

“Well, Martha, when you have the spectacle of the President of the United States going out and saying — trumpeting the fact that there’s merchandise to purchase in the stores, my whole life there’s always been stuff to buy in stores and retail outlets. That is crazy. So that’s how ridiculous it’s gotten when you have to brag about the fact there are things to actually buy. He’s not highlighting the fact that we have record inflation,” Jordan continued.

Jordan then pivoted to address Biden’s agenda, noting that the president had promised his Build Back Better plan would help to ease inflation.

“There is not a rational, sane person on the planet who believes that statement. For the President of the United States to make that statement and turn around a few weeks later and brag that there’s actually things to buy? For goodness sake, drive by any car dealership in this country. I’ve never seen it where the car dealership doesn’t have cars on the lot.  This is Joe Biden’s America,” he added.

Jordan went on to address the skyrocketing gas prices, blaming the Biden administration for shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline and hampering domestic production to the point that the United States is no longer a net exporter of oil and natural gas.

“This is ridiculous and the American people see through the crazy statements made by unfortunately the president of our country,” he said.

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Docs Show Hunter Biden Working Deal to Transfer US Gas to Chinese Co.


The Biden family was set to benefit from a deal to transfer American natural gas to Chinese energy company CEFC, through a prospective 2017 deal by Hunter and Jim Biden, according to newly uncovered documents — as the Biden administration now massively scales back United States energy production.

Documents never previously reported on, from the infamous “laptop from hell” belonging to Hunter, show the Biden scion was working on a deal in 2017 to transfer liquid natural gas from Louisiana to CEFC — the same Chinese firm with which Hunter also discussed a business venture that would have “10 [percent] held by H for the big guy” — but the deal never materialized.

That wouldn’t stop the Chinese players in the deal, however, from going on to push Hunter to help his father mount a bid for president years after.

In an email from October 23, 2017, an intermediary by the name of JiaQi Bao, between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associates, sent an email thanking Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, for arranging a meeting with Greg Michaels, the president of a natural gas liquefaction facility in Louisiana called Monkey Island LNG, and detailing plans for what will be discussed.

“We have a 10:30 meeting tomorrow @ 3CC with Greg Michaels, the president of Monkey Island LNG Terminal project in Louisiana. Thank you for Jim and Hunter for bringing the owner to talk to us directly,” she writes in an email received by Hunter, Jim, and Gongwen Dong, a Chinese investor involved in multiple deals linked to the Bidens.

Leveraging the family name to secure high profile meetings for foreign clients was not just a good deal for Hunter and Jim Biden.

It has been previously reported by the New York Post that Hunter was responsible for family expenses — with Hunter once telling his daughter that he has to “pay for everything for this entire family.”

The Post reported in July:

‘I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,’ Hunter wrote in a 2019 text message to his daughter, Naomi, that was found on his abandoned laptop. ‘It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.’

In another email on October 29, 2017, Bao writes to discuss plans for the business venture, saying Hunter is the best person to help his “friend,” CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, because he has “access to decision makers” required to approve the transfer of essential natural resources to foreign entities.

“Through you and Uncle Jim’s connection, with Monkey Island/Magnolia/Project ABC as a starting point / talking point, we can check out a lot of all other interesting Louisana/Taxes/Gulf of Mexico U. S. projects [sic],” Bao’s email begins.

“You are the best person to help your friend Ye to do that, because you know a lot of folks in the area and you have the access to decision- makers / helpful local folks with insight about the region,” she continues.

The junior Biden’s “friend,” Ye Jianming, was connected to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army before he was mysteriously detained in China in 2018, and CEFC is now defunct, according to various reports.

A third, December, 2017, email from Bao, subject line reading, “updates from your good trooper,” contains an attachment with extensive research on the energy industry in Louisiana.

The “industry overview,” allegedly put together by Bao, compiles details on the U.S. liquid natural gas industry from how local climate effects output, to how natural gas is distributed throughout the United States and from where, to pipeline networks and existing infrastructure, to local tax policy and incentives, costs of shipping, and supply chain details.

At the bottom of the report, Bao notes:

  • Without passing FERC review, will not receive non-FTA approval.
  • Without non-FTA approval, won’t be able to sell LNG to China.

FERC refers to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and “non-FTA” refers to non free trade agreement countries, of which China is one.

According to a report on Biden family FARA compliance compiled by Senator Chuck Grassley in November, 2020, the Bidens were used by Ye Jianming as mechanisms to “build influence” in securing U.S. business — but the CEFC natural gas deal fell through in 2018.

“As part of Hunter Biden’s efforts to assist Ye, he reportedly began working on a deal for Ye that involved a $40 million investment in a natural gas project on Monkey Island in Louisiana that reportedly fell through in 2018,” Grassley’s report says.

The report continues:

In order for Ye to succeed with future business in the United States, he had to, as The New York Times stated, ‘build influence.’  Based on the recently released records, that is exactly what Hunter Biden and James Biden were supposed to do for CEFC. Accordingly, it appears that Hunter and James Biden, based on their family name and political influence, were agents of CEFC, as both had planned roles with CEFC’s investment vehicles and engaged in efforts to seal financial deals for Ye and CEFC, which would ultimately benefit the communist Chinese government.

Hunter’s communication with JiaQi Bao did not end at the Monkey Island deal, as she wrote to him in March, 2019, urging him to “help Uncle Joe run for President.”

“You should not be distracted by random media articles. You need to help Uncle Joe run for President. Your father really should run for 2020 for this country,” she wrote on March 14, one month before Biden announced his candidacy for president on April 25 of that year.

The email also contains a list of reasons why Bao thinks Joe Biden would make a better leader than “ignorant+arrogant” then-President Trump.

In a section titled “Uncle Joe 2020,” Bao, the intermediary between Hunter and his corrupt business partners and CCP assets in China, includes a litany of character traits and policy issues she believes Joe Biden is strong on, including “wisdom,” “sensibility,” “leadership” and opposition to a southern border wall.

When domestic oil supplies began to decline, the Biden Administration appealed to foreign oil suppliers such as OPEC to open their valves to keep up with demand. Just last week, on a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Biden asked China to release their oil reserves to stabilize rising oil prices.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment by Breitbart News.

Emma-Jo Morris is the Politics Editor at Breitbart News. Email her at ejmorris@breitbart.com or follow her on Twitter.

Man Held in Hawaii for More Than 2 Years Over Mistaken Identity Sues the State


The confusion over Mr. Spriestersbach’s identity began in October 2011 when he fell asleep in the stairwell of a middle school in Honolulu. A police officer woke him up and asked him his name.

Mr. Spriestersbach gave his grandfather’s last name, Castleberry, according to the lawsuit. When the police entered the name into their database, a warrant for Thomas R. Castleberry appeared. Mr. Castleberry, who is not related to Mr. Spriestersbach and has never met him, had apparently left Hawaii in 2009, according to the lawsuit.

“Castleberry” remained in the police computer system as an alias for Mr. Spriestersbach. He was stopped again while he was sleeping in a public park in 2015, but the officers let him go after they took his fingerprints and found they did not match Mr. Castleberry’s. Still, the officers did not correct the department’s records, according to the complaint.

On May 11, 2017, Mr. Spriestersbach fell asleep on a sidewalk as he waited for food outside a shelter in Honolulu. Mr. Spriestersbach, who did not have identification, gave the officers his full name, birth date and Social Security number, according to the lawsuit. The officers arrested him, this time without doing a fingerprint comparison, the lawsuit says.

At the hospital, Mr. Spriestersbach protested when he was forced to attend group sessions for drug users, and employees responded by giving him antipsychotic medications that made him drool and struggle to walk, according to the petition and to Vedanta Griffith, his sister.

In November 2019, one of his psychiatrists obtained his birth certificate and realized that Mr. Spriestersbach was who he said he was, according to the petition filed in August.

The hospital released him on Jan. 17, 2020, with 50 cents, two copies of his birth certificate and other documents. He was then driven back to the same shelter where he had been arrested and was reunited with his sister after he called his family.

“These people have no heart,” Ms. Griffith said in a statement.

Steve Bannon and a Warning Story on Congressional Power


The committee then called her boss, Edward Barsky, who appeared a month later and likewise refused to hand over the documents; so did the group’s entire board of directors, when they were called — including the novelist Howard Fast, who wrote about the experience in his memoir “Being Red.” All of them were held in contempt. None of them had been allowed to have their lawyers with them during their testimony.

The House met in April 1946 to vote on the contempt citation, and whether to send it to the Justice Department. While liberal and conservative members clashed over the committee’s mandate and the refugee group’s alleged foreign allegiance, the only issue at hand, said HUAC’s chairman, John Wood of Georgia, was whether private citizens could ignore the will of Congress.

“It is the purpose of our committee to determine, once and for all, whether an organization such as the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee has the authority to defy the Congress of the United States,” Wood declared.

Even many of HUAC’s skeptics found that logic hard to reject. “This committee is an established committee of this House,” said one of them, Clyde Doyle of California. “As long as it appears that the committee had acted within the law as we gave it to do, I shall feel compelled to back its lawful acts.”

The vote followed quickly, and decisively. Of the 430 House members present, 292 voted for contempt; 82 declined to vote and just 56 voted against. Bryan, Barsky and the bulk of the refugee group’s board went to jail, some for a year. For most of them, their lives were over. Barsky, a surgeon, lost his medical license. Bryan retreated to rural Vermont, unable to find an employer willing to hire her.

The greater consequence, though, was for the country. Having proven its power, HUAC next went after Hollywood, sending dozens of recalcitrant screenwriters to jail. Senators Kenneth Wherry and Lister Hill used similar threats to hound gay men serving in the federal government. Joseph McCarthy used those tactics to animate his four-year reign of terror.

Over the next decade, thousands of witnesses across all parts of society — schools, universities, unions, churches, newspapers — had to weigh their consciences versus their livelihoods in deciding whether to submit to what came to be known as the Red Scare. (Among those indicted was one of my predecessors on the Obituaries desk of The New York Times, Alden Whitman.)

Overnight Defense & National Security — Biden officials consider more Ukraine aid


It’s Tuesday, welcome to Overnight Defense & National Security, your nightly guide to the latest developments at the Pentagon, on Capitol Hill and beyond. Subscribe here: thehill.com/newsletter-signup.

The Biden administration is considering sending military advisers and weaponry to Ukraine as concerns about a possible Moscow invasion intensify.

We’ll have more on that, plus the Bidens’ “Friendsgiving” at Fort Bragg and the status of his new presidential helicopter.

For The Hill, I’m Jordan Williams. Write me with tips at jwilliams@thehill.com

Let’s get to it.

US may send advisers, weaponry to Ukraine

What would the U.S. send? The proposed package could include mortars, air defense systems such as stinger missiles and new Javelin anti-tank and anti-armor missiles, according to the outlet.

Sources also told CNN that the Pentagon has pressed for equipment that would have gone to Afghanistan to be sent to Ukraine instead.  

Comes amid Ukraine concerns: The U.S. and NATO fear that Moscow is massing troops to prepare for a military operation over Ukraine’s eastern border similar to when it annexed Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in 2014. The head of Ukraine’s defense intelligence agency has said that Russia could invade as soon as late January. 

The report comes a couple days after Bloomberg reported that the U.S. has shared intelligence showing that Russia is preparing to invade Ukraine from multiple locations. 

Meanwhile, Russian officials have said that reports that they may soon invade Ukraine are “false,” and that the troops on the border are responding to threats from NATO.

The State Department weighs in: A State Department spokesperson told The Hill that the administration has “demonstrated that the United States is willing to use a number of tools to address harmful Russian actions and we will not hesitate from making use of those and other tools in the future.”

The Kremlin’s response: When asked about the possibility that the U.S. would send additional assistance to Ukraine, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Tuesday that such actions are already being undertaken, CNN noted.

“Military advisers are arriving there, weapons are supplied there — not only from the United States, but also from other NATO countries. And all this, of course, leads to a further aggravation of the situation on the border line,” Peskov said. 

Read the full story here

Milley speaks with top Russian military official 

Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Mark MilleyMark MilleyChinese hypersonic missile test revealed unprecedented military capability: report Hillicon Valley — Presented by Ericsson — Hackers tied to Iran targeting critical sectors Chinese hypersonic missile test ‘went around the world,’ top US general says MORE spoke with Russia’s top military officer, Chief of the Russian General Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov as concerns grow about Russia amassing troops near the Ukranian border.

What was the call about? Few details have been released about the call, but a readout from the Joint Staff said “the military leaders discussed several security-related issues of concern.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said in a separate statement that the chiefs “discussed the ongoing issues of international security,” Russian news agency TASS reported.

Just yesterday …. Milley spoke with Lt. Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhny, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, in which the two “exchanged perspectives and assessments of the evolving security environment in Eastern Europe,” according to a readout of that call.

Read the full story here


President BidenJoe BidenRittenhouse says Biden defamed his character when linking him to white supremacists Man accused of threatening Congress sentenced to 19 months in prison 91 House Dems call on Senate to expand immigration protections in Biden spending bill MORE and first lady Jill BidenJill BidenOvernight Health Care — White House touts vaccine rate for feds Biden, first lady have ‘Friendsgiving’ meal with military troops Harris, Emhoff first to affix mezuzah to doorpost of an executive home MORE visited troops on Monday for a “Friendsgiving” meal with U.S. service members and military families at Fort Bragg, N.C.

What they said: The Bidens spoke with attendees about holidays their family spent without Beau Biden when he was deployed to Iraq and Kosovo. Beau Biden died after returning from deployment in 2015.

The president said he was proud to be commander-in-chief and thanked the service members. 

“You’re the finest the world has ever seen and I’m so damn proud to be associated with you,” Biden said. “We came because we wanted to thank you, tell you how much we care … we owe you big. Thank you.”

Who was there: About 250 people attended the meal, including elected officials, service members and family members of deployed soldiers. 

The Bidens were greeted by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper (D), and North Carolina Democratic Reps. David PriceDavid Eugene PriceBiden, first lady have ‘Friendsgiving’ meal with military troops Texas Democrat Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson announces retirement at end of term Midterm gloom grows for Democrats MORE, G.K. ButterfieldGeorge (G.K.) Kenneth ButterfieldBiden, first lady have ‘Friendsgiving’ meal with military troops McBath to run in neighboring district after GOP redrew lines Georgia Republicans advance map that aims to pick up House seat in redistricting MORE, Alma AdamsAlma Shealey AdamsBiden, first lady have ‘Friendsgiving’ meal with military troops Historically Black colleges and universities could see historic funding under Biden plan North Carolina legislature approves new US House map MORE, Deborah Ross, and Kathy Manning.

Read more about the Friendsgiving meal

Biden’s new helicopter faces reliability issues

The president’s new helicopter is not “operationally suitable” for emergencies, according to report obtained by Bloomberg News

According to an unpublished September report from the Pentagon’s Director of Operational Test and Evaluation, the aircraft is “operationally effective” for routine missions such as a trip to Camp David or taking the president to Joint Base Andrews, but not yet for “contingency operational flights.” 

What’s the report based on? The report is based on the helicopter’s performance during three months of testing through April 15.

Jessica Maxwell, a spokesperson for the Pentagon’s testing office, told The Hill that the report was meant to evaluate if the helicopter is “effective and suitable to perform administrative transport of the president, vice president, members of the cabinet, heads of state and other parties.”

The report was also meant to evaluate whether the plane could perform contingency operations in support of the president and other personnel, Maxwell said.

What’s wrong with the helicopter? With regard to emergencies, the report found that the “Mission Communication System (MCS) often delayed critical communications at the beginning of contingency missions and did not adequately support timely, continuous and secure communications,” reads the report, according to Bloomberg. 

Overall, the helicopter is “failing to meet the reliability, availability or maintainability threshold requirements,” the outlet reported.

“Engine exhaust and fluid discharge cause landing zone damage limitations, limiting the number of available landing zones,” the report stated, adding that the Marines should “continue to reduce effects of engine exhaust and fluid discharges.”

The backstory: At issue is the VH-92 program, which was meant to replace helicopters currently used by the president, vice president and other top officials.

The Navy selected Sikorsky Aircraft, a Lockheed Martin company, to replace the aging VH-3D and VH-60N helicopters currently in use. The navy ordered five additional aircraft from Sikorsky in early February, bringing the total number of aircraft to 23.

Deliveries were expected to begin earlier this year.

Read the full story here


The International Institute for Strategic Studies will be hosting a discussion on “China–US Competition in AI: Destabilising and Intensifying” at 9 a.m.


That’s it for today. Check out The Hill’s defense and national security pages for the latest coverage. See you Wednesday.

Word ‘Sex Offender’ to Be Plunged Due to ‘Negative Impact’ on Misusers


There are no more sex offenders in Colorado.

They’re now “adults who commit sexual offenses,” according to a vote last week by the Sex Offender Management Board of the Colorado Division of Justice.

Board chair Kimberly Kline told the Denver Post it’s about that nasty label: sex offender. “I think the biggest thing is research shows us that assigning a label has the potential for negative effects in rehabilitation,” she said.

“If we’re talking about how someone speaks about themselves … that can increase risk,” she continued. “Ultimately it is victim centered if we’re reducing risk.”

Victim-centered? Not according to board member Jessica Dotter in her dissent at a meeting Friday about developing the new term.


Democrat Says Wisconsin Christmas Parade Massacre Is ‘Karma’ for the Acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

“Prosecutors are not in favor of this change generally,” said Dotter, who represents prosecutors as Sexual Assault Resource Prosecutor at the Colorado District Attorneys Council.

“Victim advocates, therapists, law enforcement that I’ve spoke with along with, all of the D.A.s that I represent, are not in favor of replacing this term.”

“In having met with victims for years and years, their generally most common requests are to be believed — that they were offended on and they were sexually assaulted by a person. They want their offender to be held accountable and to be known as a person who — as an offender, as a person who’s committed these crimes.

“They had to convince 12 members of their community or get a plea deal done to actually have a conviction for these offenders that the SOMB has purview over,” Dotter continued.

Should the term “sex offender” be replaced?

“That’s incredibly difficult and they had to obtain, work hard to obtain the label they are now branded with as a victim or a survivor for their lifetimes.”

She said individuals treating sex offenders already use less harsh terms in dealing with them and she questioned whether or not such approaches reduced repeated offenses.

Sexual abuse victim Victoria Esquibel told KOAA-TV, “We don’t ever really feel like we get the justice that is deserved, and when reading this, I almost feel again like we are protecting the abuser.”

The term “sex offender” will not completely go away.


Hours After Loudoun County Students Walk Out of Schools, Parents Take Their Demands to School Board

“The term ‘sex offender’ will continue to be used in Colorado statute and the criminal justice system, including courts, law enforcement and the Colorado Sex Offender Registry,” according to an SOMB news release.

But wait. Will the name of the SOMB be changed to the Adults Who Commit Sexual Offenses Management Board?

No. “The name of the SOMB itself will also remain unchanged,” the news release said. Looks like even political correctness sometimes has to rein itself in.

After all, that’s generally how you can tell if a concept has been changed for PC purposes: if it adds verbiage. That’s how we get “sight impaired” for blind, “sexually liberated” for promiscuous, “terminally unavailable” for dead.

Friday’s meeting of the SOMB examined four different renditions of replacing the common two-word “sexual offender” term. One with six words: “Adults who have committed have committed sexual offenses,” seven words: “Adults who engaged in sexually abusive behaviors,” nine words: “Adults in treatment for engaging in sexually abusive behaviors” and the five-word selection “Adults who commit sexual offenses.”

Whew! Political correctness is a lot of work!

All the more reason to stay with sex offenders as a fast, accurate description of those who commit horrible crimes.

And what better way to face rehabilitation than to admit what one has done is wrong? As a crime. And as sin.

God Himself demands recognition of sin — a dimension of repentance — before forgiveness.

And sexual offenders can find forgiveness in Christ by first realizing that they are, among other things, those sobering two words: sexual offenders.

No euphemisms allowed. Not even in Colorado.

Biden’s Energy Sec Can’t Answer the Most Fundamental Issues on Gas Prices


Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm did not have an answer to a basic question someone in her position ought to know: How many barrels of oil does the U.S. consume per day?

Gasoline prices are currently at a seven-year high, and the spike is a major component in the 6.9 percent inflation rate the nation is experiencing, the highest in 31 years.

At a White House news briefing Tuesday, Granholm said, “We, in this administration, are leaving no stone unturned as we examine the market to figure out what is behind the high prices.”

“This administration has been looking at every single tool that we can use to shield families from the rising cost of fuel,” the former Michigan governor added.

Granholm noted that President Joe Biden has authorized the release of up to 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in the weeks ahead.


Democrat Says Wisconsin Christmas Parade Massacre Is ‘Karma’ for the Acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse

The SPR holds up to 727 million barrels. In 2020, former President Donald Trump ordered it to be filled when crude prices were low.

A reporter asked Granholm how many barrels of oil Americans consumes per day.

“I don’t have that number in front of me. I’m sorry,” she answered.

That’s quite a response after claiming the administration is “leaving no stone unturned as we examine the market.”

The most fundamental information one would need in examining the market would have to be the supply and the demand.

The reporter followed up citing a figure from the U.S. Energy Information Administration website stating that the country consumed a little over 18 million barrels a day in 2020, which was the lowest since 1995.

He pointed out that releasing 50 million barrels of oil would be the equivalent of less than three days consumption.


In Desperate and Incompetent Move, Biden Slaps ‘Ineffectual Band Aid’ on Oil Crisis

Granholm responded saying the intent was to make the oil available over the next weeks, not all at once, as a bridge intended to ease price pressures.

The secretary predicted the price would start to tick down through December and into the new year.

However, Granholm emphasized multiple times that the Biden administration’s long-term solution is to “build clean,” with power sources like wind and solar.

The United States is producing nearly 2 million barrels of oil a day less under Biden than it was at its peak under Trump, during whose administration the nation became a net energy exporter for the first time in nearly 70 years.

Granholm told reporters she is not sure why oil production has not bounced back, noting there are 150,000 fewer workers in the industry now and 250 fewer rigs working than pre-COVID.

Well, let me help the secretary.

On Biden’s first day in office, he canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, which was slated to transport over 800,000 barrels of oil a day from Canada to refineries in Texas.

And he paused issuing oil exploration permits on federal lands, and his Interior secretary closed down drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska too.

The EIA reported in April that oil production in the Last Frontier reached its lowest level in more than 40 years in 2020.

The downward trend has been continuing since the late ’80s and opening ANWR, which likely holds over 10 billion barrels of untapped oil reserves, offered an opportunity to reverse the trajectory.

Earlier this month, Granholm laughed when asked what her plan is to increase oil production in America.

“That is hilarious,” she responded. “Would that I had the magic wand on this.”

You know former President Barack Obama in 2016 said there was no magic wand that Trump could wave to bring factory jobs back, but the 45th president found it.

He also located the wand that enabled the U.S. to become the top oil producer in the world.

If Granholm and Biden have any questions, just look to Trump’s policies, and the way back to lower prices will become very clear.

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